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Venosil hemp vein gel 100 ml

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Venosil hemp vein gel 100 ml

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Venosil vein gel is intended for external application to the skin of lower extremities with the signs of heavy legs syndrome, varicose veins, thread veins and swelling. Regular gentle massage is ideal for heavy and tired legs refreshing and relieving problems connected with pregnancy, overweight and with the jobs where standing or sitting for long periods are required. Effective substances: organic hemp oil, Siberian fir, comfrey, arnica, fennel, agrimony, mint and marigold. The very effective formula of the gel uses regenerative and moisturizing properties of medicinal hemp oil and healing properties of comfrey, arnica, marigold, agrimony, fennel and rutin. The gel contains a high percentage of natural substances that support functioning of blood vessels and the strength of blood-vessel walls, but also the process of healing and regeneration. Intended for everyday treatment of legs with signs of venous insufficiency such as feelings of fatigue and of heavy legs, the prevalence of varicose veins, thread veins, swelling and leg pain. The gel with its slightly cooling effect is easily absorbed and is non-sticky, so it can be applied several times a day as needed. The high percentage of natural substances makes the gel slightly coloured but this is not visible on the skin. Suitable for the prevention of venous insufficiency and as the additional skin care in dealing with already existing problems. The regular care about legs and their gentle massage by this gel contribute to relieving the problems, improve blood circulation and functioning of the blood vessels of lower extremities. Do not apply the gel on open varicose ulcers or to otherwise injured skin.

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использование продукта Gently rub the cream in a thin layer into the lower extremities. Always proceed from the feet across the ankles and continue towards the heart. Repeat the procedure several times a day as needed, particularly in the case of onset problems. You can apply a larger volume of the gel into the parts with visible varicose veins or thread veins without exercising excessive pressure. Before putting the clothes on allow the gel to dry. Wash your hands after treating the area.
мы рекомендуем To prevent venous insufficiency of lower extremities use the gel once a day, ideally overnight. The gel is recommended for people performing jobs where standing or sitting for long periods are required, then in case of hereditary disposition for varicose veins and varicose ulcers, during pregnancy and also for people with overweight. An ideal preparation for treatment in the case of already existing venous insufficiency, leg pain, convulsions, varicose veins and thread veins. The gel contains highly effective active substances that, if used regularly, can significantly contribute to easing the problems, swelling, pain and even to reduce the visible varicose veins and thread veins. Venosil vein gel can be easily combined with medications or ointments on venous insufficiency. In the case of varicose ulcers do not apply the gel directly into an open ulcer, apply it always to the whole skin.
дополнительная информация 2 Certified natural organic cosmetics
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