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Natura moisturizing soap pH 5,5 100 g

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Natura moisturizing soap pH 5,5 100 g

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Natura moisturizing soap containing pure hemp oil for gentle washing and skin hydration is ideal for all skin types treatment including sensitive or irritated skin. The gentle washing soap ingredients gently but effectively remove skin surface impurities without irritating and drying out your skin. The soap soothes the skin with signs of acne, softens dry and coarse skin and leaves it soft and supple.

Дополнительная информация

код K0602
использование продукта Using your wet hands apply the soap to damp skin and lather. Then rinse off thoroughly with water. Do not use the soap in the eye area.
мы рекомендуем Ideal for all skin types treatment. After the washing, applying of body lotion and special cream for hands and legs is recommended. Remember to protect the skin from UV rays. Apply Cannasol active serum for the skin treatment and regeneration.
дополнительная информация 2 Certified natural organic cosmetics
бренд Cannaderm